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14 Jul About


TLC is a woman-owned small business specializing in supporting educational innovation and improvement. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Hilarie Davis, the company was built to provide responsive, innovative support for change. The company has done extensive professional development for school districts in New Jersey and New York State, conducted large evaluations with video documentation of processes and resulting changes, and served on development teams for instructional design and curriculum development.


Mission: TLC’s mission is to develop, support and evaluate learning environments, interventions, and resources in K-16 educational environments using a collaborative approach with stakeholders.


For example, TLC served as the external evaluator for Project AMBIENT, a seven-year project on environmental health funded by the National Institutes of Environmental Health Science (a division of NIH, National Institutes of Health). The project was designed to teach teachers about environmental health issues related to air, land, water and food, and how to integrate inquiry lessons on these topics into their curriculum. Interdisciplinary teams of middle and high school teachers attended a weeklong summer workshop with two follow up professional development days during the year. Working with the staff, TLC identified key concepts for each module then designed quantitative and qualitative methods to document change in teaching and learning outcomes. Teachers were filmed in the workshop, as were speakers for web archiving, then follow up visits were made to film classrooms during implementation, interview teachers and students, and provide feedback over time.


Our Team


Hilarie B. Davis, Ed.D.


Hilarie’s Bio

Dr. Davis is a senior researcher for the Technology for Learning Consortium with extensive experience in professional development, instructional design, and the development of video technology for education and training. She is a New York State trained educator with a Master’s degree in Reading education from SUNY-Brockport and a Doctorate in development, learning and instruction from University of Rochester. She taught reading language arts in Rochester City Schools, supervised gifted education programs in Penfield, was a Director of Curriculum in Madison, NJ, and a Vice President of a multimedia education company (Optical Data). She designed and implemented on-line e-portfolio courses for NASA Explorer Schools and the Lewis and Clark Re-Discovery Project (a Technology Innovation Challenge Grant), producing courses used in 17 school districts, created multimedia materials for educational publishers, TV Ontario, LEGO Dacta, designed online databases and trained coordinators for after school programs in 17 districts under a $3M grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Davis’ evaluation experience includes service and supervision on more than 40 funded programs sponsored by NASA, the Johnson Space Center, the National Science Foundation, NOAA, U.S. Department of Education, the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, the American Museum of Natural History, Morehead Planetarium and Langley, 4–H, and UC Berkeley, totaling more than $50M in grants. She has authored and co-authored more than15 articles for professional journals on subjects including standards-based reform, teacher development, retention and technology, cooperative learning, social studies literacy, digital portfolios, scientific inquiry, and virtual learning communities. Dr. Davis has taught graduate education courses at Johnson and Wales University and Sinte-Gleska Tribal College. She has used video extensively for feedback to students in learning to read and write, with teachers in developing their practice, and in documenting program effectiveness.


BTD Head shot

Bradford T. Davey, Ed.D

Senior Researcher

Brad’s Bio

Dr. Bradford Davey is an educational consultant specializing in professional development in science and technology. His work includes multiple projects sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA): the Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience (INSPIRE) program, the Explorer schools, and Project Sun-Earth Day. Other clients are the U.S. Department of Education Project CITI (Technology Innovation Challenge Grant) to improve literacy in K–5 students, New London, CT, Project AMBIENT sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) at the University of Miami, the U.S Department of Education’s Teaching American History project, and the Project Tri-State History Consortium. As a research scientist, he conducted medical studies at the Albany Medical Center and Wadsworth Research Centers. He has co-authored journal articles on topics such as 4–H science, engineering and technology, planetary astronomy, environmental education, videoconferencing, and digital learning networks. Dr. Davey has made extensive use of video in education with students including his Master’s Thesis, with teachers, and for evaluation. He taught in New York State for nine years, teaching middle school and high school science and mathematics. His doctoral work in educational technology leadership focused on communities of practice in education and public professionals in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate based on the work of Etienne Wenger.

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